Below are links to my surname pages divided by location. Migratory path and associated families are listed with the length. For privacy sake no generations past my grandparents are listed on any page, some pages are contain less due to duplication with other pages. I tried to include as many of the families I have information on to be helpful to those researching. For my own personal tree you can go here.

Spanish West Florida
Conecuh, Escambia Counties of Alabama and Walton, Santa Rosa, and Escambia counties of Florida.

McCurdy Family 1819 to present, SC to FL, associated families, Bowen, Cobb, Malone, Ard, Sunday, and Penton.

Sunday Family, 1825 to present, Holland to GA to FL and TX associated families, Bowen and McCurdy

Hardy Family, 1840 to present, GA to FL and AL, associated families, Pyburn and Campbell

Pyburn Family, 1786 to present, AL and FL, associated families, Stapleton, Chitty, and Weatherford.

Pike and Crenshaw Counties of Alabama

Franklin family, 1820 to 1910, SC to AL to Baker, Florida associated families, Brunson, Nichols, Thomas and Barnes.

Baker family, 1820 to 1910, SC to AL, associated families, Copeland and Barnes.

Brunson family, 1820 to ?, SC to AL, associated families, Franklin, Barnes, and Nichols.

Copeland Family, pre-1775, SC, associated family, Christmas.

Thomas Family, 1840 to ?, AL, associated with Brunson and Franklin Family.

Beck Family, 1840 to ?, AL and FL, associated with McCurdy family.

Barnes Family, ? to 1910, AL to Baker, Florida, associated families Colquit, Smith and Baker.

Merrill Family, SC to AL, associated with Franklin family

Eiland Family

New York

Hinds family, pre 1775 to 1950's, NY to IL to NY to CA

Timmins family, 1882 to 1950's, England to NY

Arkansas (Rumored to be Cherokee)

Henry Rogers Family, 1810 to present,  VA to TN to AR and OK

Edley Rogers Family, 1810 to present, VA to TN  to GA to TN to AR

Above families linked with the Hodges, Nelms, McBrides, Heffington's, Finks and numerous others. Another site with more information can be reached here. Serena's Family Tree

George and Jason Adams, 1830 to present, ? to AR to OK

James Adams, brother to Jason Adams

Charles Adams, brother to Jason Adams

Simon Adams, brother to Jason Adams


Joseph Rogers, thought to be a son of Doswell Rogers, and father of the Rogers in Arkansas.

Choctaw Nation Families
Mississippi and Oklahoma The trees below contain genealogies of Chief Pushmataha, Chief Oklahoma, Chief Nitakechi, Chief Pierre Juzan, Chief David Folsom, Chief's Jackson, Greenwood, and Edmund McCurtain, Chief Benjamin Smallwood, Chief Greenwood and Basil Leflore, and Wilson N. Jones.

Brashear Family includes Juzan, Trahern, Bilbo, Ainsworth, Buckholtz, and many others.

Folsom Family - in progress, correcting gedcom

McCurtain Family includes Ainsworth, Moore

Hall Family, includes Folsom, Moncrief, Trahern and Wall

Riddle Family includes Walkers

Descendants of Shomaka or Shumaka, includes Blevin, McCurtain and Leflore

Pushmataha and Nahomtima or Nahoma, includes Juzan family, chiefs Oklahoma and Nittakechi

Peggy Trahern, my line, this includes information on the Juzan, Wall, Walker and Leflore families

James N. Trahern, Peggy's son, with information on Dawes included. Associated families are Daniels, Hall, Hardaway, Colbert, and Adams.

Wesley Trahern, husband of Delilah Brashears, presumed Uncle to James Trahern.

William Trahern, brother to Wesley, Indian Orphan Land Allotment Agent (white family)


Nehemiah Trahern, father of the three brothers who went to Mississippi, 1726-1804

Other Trahern Pages

Loudon County, VA
James Trahern

Somerset, MD
Trahearne family 1622 to present

Trahern Emmigration to the United States

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