Descendants of Shomaka/Shumaka
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Perhaps no one individual has had a greater impact on the course of Choctaw leadership than Shumaka, a woman of  Shakchiumma descent. No single lineage has had as many Choctaw Chiefs and leaders as do her descendants.

The Shakchiumma were a tribe that in 1735 were attacked by the Tunica and several other smaller tribes. In 1737 the survivors of these attacks joined with the Choctaw. By 1748, several of these Shakchiumma’s left and joined the Chickasaw. One of those that remained was Shumaka and her family, along with Apuckanubbee, who is assumed to be her brother.   In 1794 Frankmaistubbee petitioned the Spanish to recognize Apuckunnubbee as chief in place of Payehuma.  Although the term son was used in the text of the petition, it is felt, that from Choctaw familial views at that time, Apuckunnubbee was the nephew of Payehuma. Apuckunubbee in turn was succeeded by Robert Cole, Shumaka’s son in 1825. Since Robert Cole had a great deal of influence prior to the death of Apuckunabbee and acted as a sort of second in command, it is assumed that his succession to the position of Chief was through traditional hereditary lines as the son of Apuckunabbe’s sister.

John Bartlett Meserve gave an accounting of Shumaka’s life in the history of some of Shumaka’s descendants in an article in the Oklahoma Chronicles, but there are inaccuracies in his reaccounting of the tale. Most of what is known about Shumaka comes from the testimonies of her son Robert Cole, and grandson Coleman Cole in 1838. According to Coleman Cole’s testimony, Shumaka was 120 years old, something that would seem nearly impossible. More than likely, Shumaka was around 102 years old, having been born in 1836, while Apuckanubbee was born around 1739. Additionally from the testimony of Robert Cole, we know that Shumaka had at least one sister, who has a son by the name of Billy Frazier, the son of Charles Frazier.

Shumaka had at least two husbands, possibly three. One of those husbands was Roscoe Cole per Meserve’s article. No man named Roscoe Cole has been found within the region at the time period in which Shumaka lived and married, and it is speculated that James Cole, who witnessed the treaty of 1786, may have been Shumaka’s husband. With Mr. Cole, Shumaka is said to have had 5 children. After James Cole’s death, Shumaka had two more daughters by an unknown Choctaw. Just when Shumaka died is unknown, but it is speculated she died prior to her son’s emigration to the new Choctaw Nation in 1840.

Shumaka is the direct female ancestor to many chiefs. The following Chiefs are her descendants.

Robert Cole, her son. District Chief 1825
Coleman Cole, her grandson, Principal Chief 1874

Great Grandson’s
Greenwood Leflore District Chief 1829-1831 (removed from office)
Basil Leflore  Principal Chief 1859
Greenwood McCurtain Principal Chief 1896
Edmond McCurtain  Principal Chief 1884
Jackson F. McCurtain  Principal Chief 1880
Cornelius McCurtain District Chief 1850-1854

Great Great Grandson’s
George W. Harkins District Chief 1850-1857
Harry J. W. Belvin Principal Chief 1948

Many Great’s Grandson
Clarke David Gardner Principal Chief 1975

The following are the suspected children of Shomaka and James Cole:
1. Nahomtima (Rebecca)   b. about 1750 d. bef 1790, married John (Jean) Cravatt
2. Robert Cole  b. about 1774 d. ca 1842 married unknown Choctaw
3. Daughter married Garret Enoch Nelson
4. Unknown daughter married Muscoga
5. Immayahoka b. about 1770 d. after 1834 married Chief Pushmataha  b. 1755-1765 d. 12/24/1824

Children of  an unknown father are
6. Hannah b. November 9, 1781 d. June 8, 1843 married Daniel McCurtain
7. Miyahoke b. about 1782 d. unknown married John Belvin

1. Nahomtima and John Cravatt

Nahomtima and John Cravatt had only two known children, Nancy and Rebecca Cravatt both born about 1770. After the death of Nahomtima, per H. B. Cushman, John Cravatt left the girls with their uncle and went to the Chickasaw nation where he married a chickasaw woman and had more children. Louis Leflore, born June 28, 1763 married both Nancy and Rebecca Cravatt. Louis Leflore of French descent was an early white settler in the Choctaw Nation.  The children of Louis Leflore and his wives are listed below.


i.CLARISSA5 LEFLORE I, b. 1792, LeFleur's Bluff, Pearl River, Choctaw Territory; d. November 6, 1872, Winston County, MS; m. (1) JOHN JAMES WILSON, SR., Abt. 1816; b. Abt. 1785, KY; d. Abt. 1826, Winston County, MS; m. (2) ALFRED LEECH, November 17, 1832; b. 1802, Christian Co., KY; d. February 13, 1885, Winston County, MS.
ii.FORBIS LEFLORE I, b. 1810, LeFleur's Bluff, Pearl River, Choctaw Territory; d. August 6, 1881, Boggy Depot, Atoka co., Pushmataha Dist., Choctaw Nation; m. (1) REBECCA FISHER, May 1838, Choctaw Nation, IT (OK); b. Abt. 1823, Mississippi; d. 1860, Indian Territory, OK; m. (2) ANNE MARY MAUER, 1863; b. March 8, 1845, France; d. Aft. 1895, Boggy Depot; m. (3) SINAI HAYES, Abt. 1872, Indian territory; b. 1816, Frenchman's camp, Natchez Trace, MS; d. Abt. 1886, Doaksville, IT.
iii.LOUISA LEFLORE I, b. 1791, Tomigee River, Six towns, Choctaw Nation; d. Unknown, Yazoo Co, MS; m. JOHN HARKINS, Abt. 1809; b. Abt. 1785, Carolinas; d. 1829, Yazoo Co, MS.
iv.TOBIAS LEFLORE, b. 1806, LeFleur's Bluff, Pearl River, Choctaw Territory; d. 1832, Yazoo Co, MS.
v.WINNA LEFLORE, b. 1796, LeFleur's Bluff, Pearl River, Choctaw Territory; d. 1840, Carroll Co., MS; m. (1) ALEXANDER F. MCGAHEY, SR., Abt. 1816; b. Abt. 1795; d. 1833, Charleston, Tallahatchie Co., MS; m. (2) LEANDER DUGGINS, Abt. 1834; b. Abt. 1800; d. Unknown.

vi.SANTIAGO MATHIUS5 LEFLORE, b. 1793, LeFleur's Bluff, Pearl River, Choctaw Territory; d. October 10, 1793, LeFleur's Bluff, Pearl River, Choctaw Territory.
vii.BENJAMIN LEFLORE, b. Abt. 1795; d. October 6, 1863, Leake County, MS; m. (1) MOTHER UNKNOWN, Abt. 1810; b. Abt. 1790; d. Abt. 1816, Frenchman's camp, Natchez Trace, MS; m. (2) MARY* JUZAN, 1822, Frenchman's camp, Natchez Trace, MS; b. 1799, Choctaw Nation, MS; d. September 29, 1868, Ofahoma, MS.
viii.FELICITY LEFLORE, b. Abt. 1795, LeFleur's Bluff, Pearl River, Choctaw Territory; d. 1870, Lexington, Holmes Co., MS; m. SAMUEL B. LONG, SR., 1812, Frenchman's camp, Natchez Trace, MS; b. Abt. 1790; d. February 1844, Lexington, Holmes co., MS.
ix.SYLVIA LEFLORE, b. 1797, LeFleur's Bluff, Pearl River, Choctaw Territory; d. Abt. 1855, Leake County, MS; m. (1) RUBIN HARRIS, 1814, Frenchman's camp, Natchez Trace, MS; b. Abt. 1795; d. Bef. 1833; m. (2) GEORGE S. GRANT, Abt. 1835, Mississippi; b. Abt. 1795; d. Abt. 1845, Leake Co, MS.
x.GREENWOOD LEFLORE I, b. June 3, 1800, LeFleur's Bluff, Pearl River, Choctaw Territory; d. August 31, 1865, Malmaison, Carroll County, MS; m. (1) ROSANAH S. DONLY, December 4, 1817, Nashville, TN; b. June 11, 1804, Davidson Co. TN; d. October 3, 1829, Frenchman's camp, Natchez Trace, MS; m. (2) ELIZABETH COODY, December 1829, Nashville, TN; b. January 14, 1814, Cherokee Nation; d. September 9, 1833, Frenchman's camp, Natchez Trace, MS; m. (3) PRISCILLA DONLY, June 9, 1834, Mississippi; b. December 8, 1817, Davidson Co. TN; d. November 8, 1910, Carroll County, MS.
xi.ISABELLA LEFLORE, b. 1804, LeFleur's Bluff, Pearl River, Choctaw Territory; d. Unknown, MS; m. VAUGHN BRASHEARS I, Abt. 1819, Choctaw Nation, MS; b. 1798, Choctaw Nation, MS; d. Abt. 1853, Indian Territory, OK.
xii.WILLIAM LEFLORE, b. 1806, LeFleur's Bluff, Pearl River, Choctaw Territory; d. August 1844, Bok Iskitni, Carroll Co., MS; m. MARTHA WALKER, March 23, 1824, Marengo County, Alabama; b. 1806, Georgia; d. Aft. 1843.
xiii.BASIL LEFLORE I, b. 1810, LeFleur's Bluff, Pearl River, Choctaw Territory; d. October 1886, Hugo, Kiamichi co., Apuckshunubee Dist., Choctaw Nation; m. (1) CAROLINE GOODING; b. October 20, 1836, Fort Towson, Towson County, ApukshunubeeDist, Choctaw Nation; d. January 6, 1909, Choctaw County, Oklahoma; m. (2) NARCISSI FISHER, Abt. 1844, French Camp, MIssissippi; b. Abt. 1821, Oka-la-fal-laya, Pearl River, Choctaw Nation, MIssissippi; d. March 1852, Towson County, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory; m. (3) MARGARET MARTHA UNKNOWN, Bet. 1852 - 1855, Ft. Towson, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory; b. Abt. 1830, Kiomatia, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory; d. Bef. 1885, Kiomatia, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory.
xiv.JACKSON LEFLORE II, b. 1815, Frenchman's camp, Natchez Trace, MS; d. March 14, 1854, Carroll Co., MS.

Children of LOUIS LEFLEAU and HO-KE-HOKE are:
MARGARITA5 LEFLORE, b. 1794, Pass Christian, Choctaw Nation, LA; d. Unknown.
MARIE LEFLORE, b. 1797, Pass Christian, Choctaw Nation, LA; d. Unknown.

2. Robert Cole

Although he was half white, Robert Cole spoke no English and was not an educated man. He was a traditional Choctaw in every sense of the word. He served as a second in command to his presumed Uncle, Apuckanubbee for several years, and was in charge of the mission schools in his district.  Of his wife nothing is known, however, it is known that he had at least one son, Coleman Cole. Robert Cole emigrated to the Choctaw nation sometime after giving his testimony to the Court of Claims commision in 1838. In his testimony he supported the claims of some of his relatives, among them were the McCurtain’s, Nelson’s, Greenwood Leflore, Muscoga and Atoka. On the Armstrong Roll, Robert Cole’s household included the following, 20 in household, 3 males over 16, and 4 children under 10. His son Coleman Cole is listed in a separate household. Robert Cole succeeded Apuckanubbee for about 2 years after Apuckanubbee’s death enroute to Washington, D.C.

The only known child of Robert Cole is
  xv. Coleman Cole born about 1790

The emigration musters of 1831-1834 show Bob Cole 21, Charity Cole 17, with daughters Kahli and Betsy in Red River. The 1834 Choctaw Census shows as head of household Bob, Jessie, Malinda, Peter, Robert and Sampson Cole in Red River.

The following households found nearby Coleman Cole in 1855 could be related to Robert Cole. 
Cedar County
1Coleman ColeM

2Colbert ColeM
Alan C

3Agustus ColeM
Lucy AnnerC

4Peter ColeM
Lo-we-say C
Ka-lup C

5Sampson ColeM

6Nicklis ColeM

Additionally in Towson County is
86John ColeM

The 1885 Choctaw Census has the following households.
Blue County
Cole, Sammus, 34, , Farmer, Blue
Cole, Robert, 14, , , Blue
Cole, Emasiah, 7, , , Blue
Cole, Abner, 5, , , Blue
Cole, Ezeriah, 3wk, M, , Blue
Cole, Lucy, 17, FI, , Blue

Cole, Allen, 35, MI, Farmer, Blue
Cole, Susan, 35, FI, , Blue
Cole, Roberson, 5, MI, , Blue
Cole, Picken, 2, MI, , Blue

Cole, Johnson, 50, MI, Farmer, Blue
Cole, Lottie, 40, FI, , Blue
Wallace, Laman, 12, MI, , Blue
Wallace, Anna, 35, FI, , Blue
Johnson, Joram, 35, MI, , Blue

Cedar County
410. Cole, Turner, 31, MI, Farmer,
411.Cole, Elizabeth, 25, FI, ,
412. Cole, Jincy, 2, FI, ,
413.Cole, Sirmmocy, 7, FI, ,
414.Cole, Eliza Ann, 3, FI, ,

422. Cole, Nicholas, 40, MI, Farmer,
423. Cole, Loken, 14, MI, ,
424. Cole, Harrison, 9, MI, ,
425. Cole, James, 3, MI, ,

432. Camp, Mulsey, 65, FI, Farmer,
433. Cole, Wilson, 22, MI, ,
434. Cole, Johnson, 18, MI, ,
435. Cole, Batsy, 18, FI, ,
436. Cole, Sinah, 1, FI, ,
437. Cole, Allen, 6, MI, ,
438. Cole, Joseph, 1, MI, ,

446. Collins, Abel, 40, MI, Farmer,
447. Cole, Stephen, 40, MI, ,
448. Cole, Mulsey, 27, FI, ,
449. Cole, Narciss, 2, FI, ,

461. Walker, Joseph, 29, MI, Farmer,
462. Walker, Eliza Ann, 31, FI, ,
463. Walker, Emphy, 9, FI, ,
464. Walker, David, 3, MI, ,
465. Walker, Emeline, 1, FI, ,
466. Cole, Gaston, 68, MI, ,
467. Elismon, 19, MI, Farmer,
468. Cole, Cerniah, 18, FI, ,

155. Smallwood, William 64 MI Farmer Kiamita
156. Smallwood, Narcissa 34 FI Kiamita
157. Smallwood, Rebacca 27 FI Kiamita
158. Smallwood, Sarah 23 FI Kiamita
159. Smallwood, Mary 18 FI Kiamita
160. Cole, Mack 55 MI Kiamita
161. Cole, Campbell 13 MI Kiamita
162. Cole, Slynie 6 FI Kiamita
163. Frazier, Lucy 48 FI Kiamita
164. Battiest, Eastman 20 MI Kiamita
165. Battiest, Wilson 15 MI Kiamita

199. Parker, John C. 32 MW Farmer Kiamita
200. Parker, E.E. 30 FI Kiamita
201. Parker, Gabriel 7 MI Kiamita
202. Parker, Effa May 3 FI Kiamita
203. Parker, James W. 4 mo MI Kiamita
204. Brashears, George W. 27 MI Kiamita
205. Brashears, Peggy Ann 27 FI Kiamita
206. LeFlore, Isaac 25 MI Kiamita
207. Maytubbee, June 45 FI Kiamita
208. Maytubbee, James 15 MI Kiamita
209. Maytubbee, Agnes 13 FI Kiamita
210. McCoy, Sucky 80 FI Kiamita
211. Ellis, Adeline 40 FI Kiamita
212. Ellis, Elizabeth 14 FI Kiamita
213. Ashalintabe 54 MI Kiamita
214. Ashalintabe, Sophie 45 FI Kiamita
215. Frazier, Kitty 24 FI Kiamita
216. Ashalintabe, Stephen 20 MI Kiamita
217. Ashalintabe, Archers 4 MI Kiamita
218. Ashalintabe, Watson 1 MI Kiamita
219. Maytubbee, Susan 50 FI Kiamita
220. Pistokcha, Kissie 30 FI Kiamita
221. Pistokcha, Wilson 1 MI Kiamita
222. Homa, Milly Chubbee 40 FI Kiamita
223. Jones, Charles 7 MI Kiamita
224. Jones, Thompson 3 MI Kiamita
225. Cole, Nancy 32 FI Kiamita
226. Nelson, Emeline 8 FI Kiamita
227. Nelson, Sarah 3 FI Kiamita

561 Cole, John M. 49 Mi Farmer Kiamichia
562 Cole, Susan 33 FI Kiamichia
563 Napistona 50 FI Kiamichia
564 Cole, William 10 MI Kiamichia
565 Cole, Joseph 7 MI Kiamichia

652 Bacon, Silas L. 24 MI Farmer Kiamichia
653 Baker, Molsie 30 Fi Kiamichia
654 Pitchlynn, Betsy 70 FI Kiamichia
655 Roberson, Betsy 9 FI Kiamichia
656 Cole, Selyna 40 FI Kiamichia

1097 Cole, Isaac 25 MI Farmer Kiamichia
1098 Cole, Viney 25 FI Kiamichia
1099 Cole, Samuel 5 MI Kiamichia
1100 Cole, Allen 1 MI Kiamichia
1101 Silas, Louis 24 MI Kiamichia
1102 Silas, Louina 8 FI Kiamichia
1103 Silas, Serana 28 FI Kiamichia

1163. Allen, John 40 MI Farmer Kiamichia
1164. Allen, Allen 7 MI Kiamichia
1165. Skeleton, Allen 16 MI Kiamichia
1166. Webster, Michael 29 MI Kiamichia
1167. Webster, Martha 23 FI Kiamichia
1168. Cole, Jimpson 6 MI Kiamichia
1169. Wilson, Willis 8 MI Kiamichia
1170. Wilson, Armetan 17 MI Kiamichia
1171. Durant, Frank 15 MI Kiamichia
1172. Durant, Alice 20 FI Kiamichia

Sugarloaf County
599. McFarland, Jerry B., 52, M/I, , 10 ac.
600. McFarland, Jinnie, 50, F/I, ,
601. McFarland, Morris, 30, M/I, ,
602. Houston, Emeline, 10, F/I, ,
603. Cole, Isham, 30, M/I, ,
604. Cole, Robert, 8, M/I, ,
605. Siloy, 50, F/I, ,
606. McNoel, Ned, 7, M/I, ,

607. Isham, Rhoda, 45, F/I, , 6 ac.
608. Cole, Siving ?, 40, F/I, ,
609. Utah, Adam, 8, M/I, ,

Tobusky County
306. Cole, Sampson, 44, M/I, Farmer, 55 acres
307. Cole, Siky, 40, F/I, ,
308. Cole, Adam, 14, M/I, ,
309. Cole, Watson, 9, M/I, ,
310. Cole, Gilbert, 7, M/I, ,
311. Cass, Louis, 11, M/I, ,

The following are Cole’s in the Dawes card database (not MCR)
811 Female child of Augustine and Minnie Cole (need card to determine which female)
812 Harrison Cole, 22, Full, Nicholas and Susanna Cole
1408 Isaac Cole, 38, Full, Micco and Hotemia
1455 Minnie Cole, 65, Full, Aletokotubbee and Sarah
1625 Joseph Cole, 22, Full, John and Susie Cole
1630 Willy Cole, 25, Full, John and Liney Cole
1667 Edward Cole 12, Full, Allen and Lucy Cole
1700 Wilson Cole, 34, Full, Peter and Mulsey Cole
1708 Silas E. Cole, 30, full, Edmund and Sarabel Cole
1709 Eastman Cole, 27, Full, Edmond and Sarabel Cole
1741 ?Nancy Cole Lewis, 45, Full, Edmond and Sarabel Cole
1744 James Cole, 14, Full, Harrison and Jennie Cole, (unclear)
1767 unclear
1784 Allen Cole, 41, Full, Peter and Mulsey Cole
1796 Caroline Cole, 1, Full, Logan Cole
1797 John Cole, 10, Full, Roebuck Cole and Lucinda Folsom
1802 Turner Cole, 44, Full, Peter and Mulsey Cole
1803 Simon Cole, 20, Full, Turner and Elizabeth Cole
1812 Logan Cole, 5, full, Sampson Cole and Louisa Pickens
1818 Morgan Cole, 48, Full, Peter and Mulsey Cole
1825 Anderson Cole, 31, Full, Caleb and Elachee Cole
1839 Logan Cole, 27, Full, Nicholas and Susanna Cole
2207 IW card
2516 Ida may Cole, 1, 3/16, G.W. Cole and Emily F. Harrell
3394 Campbell Cole, 34, Full, parentage unclear
3413 Senrus Cole, 47, Full, Richmond Cole, mother unclear
3454 IW card
3501 Incy Cole Fobb, 20, Full, Daniel and Martha Cole
3521 IW card
4085 Rebecca Cole Billy, 31, Full, Coleman and Becky Cole
4129 Jimson Cole, 45, Full, Colbert Cole and mother unclear
4247 Selina Cole, 20, Full, no parents listed
4297 Elfa Cole, 40, Full, Edmond and Syble Cole
4603 IW card

3. Daughter and Garret Enoch Nelson

The name of the daughter that married Garret Enoch Nelson is unknown. The armstrong rolls of 1831 show the following Nelson family members .
Joseph Nelson, 12 in household, 3 males over 16, 10 children under 10
Garrett E. Nelson, 7 in household, 2 males over 16, one child under 10
George Nelson, 6 in household, 2 males over 16, 4 children under 10
Isaac Nelson, 8 in household, 2 males over 16, 3 children under 10
Eden Nelson, 3 in household, one male over 16, one child under 10
Blount Nelson, 3, in household, one male over 16, one child under 10
Solomon Nelson, 3, in household, one male over 16, one child under 10

The known children of Garret Enoch Nelson include
xvi. Coleman Nelson
xvii. Solomon Nelson
xviii. George Nelson
xiv. Eden Nelson
xx. Isaac Nelson
xxi. Blount Nelson

The 1831-1833 emigration records show Blunt, Eden, G.E. George, Isaac and Jessie as emigrating, and Molly Nelson, 45 with 8 children (ages 17 to infant) in Red River. The 1834 census shows the following heads of households in Red River, Blunt, Eden, George, Isaac, Jared and Mary Nelson. 

4. Daughter and Muscoga

No information on this family is available at this time, except that Atoka, was claimed as a nephew by Robert Cole. It is assumed that Muscoga is the father of Atoka. Coincedentally, Eli Crowder has the same native name. It is unknown if Eli Crowder is the Muscoga that Robert Cole refers to. Atoka was a Captain in the Leflore district prior to removal, and in the new nation after removal. Atoka was the namesake of the county Atoka in Oklahoma.

The Armstrong Rolls shows entries for 2 Atoka’s not in Leflore district. 

The 1855 Census shows Atoka’s household
Simon Peter
Baisey Impolabee

Nothing can be found in 1885 for Atoka.

Atoka is listed on  dawes application card 616 as a parent .

5. Immayahoka and Pushmataha

This is the only link that can be found between Pushmataha and Shumaka. H.S. Halbert’s article on Bernard Roman’s map of 1772 has the following extract, page 417

He said IMACHOKA was Pushmataha's wife and her mother was Shomaka .

There were also other reports which indicated she was married more
than two times

Shomaka was of the Shak-chi-homa Clan.

There isn’t much known about Pushmataha and his wives. It is said he had at least two, one full blood and one mixed blood. Immayohoka may have been the mixed blood wife. It isn’t known when or where she died, but the land sale of her allotment given to her in the supplement of the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek shows the following children of Pushmataha and Imamayohoka.


Book A, pg. 37

Know all men by these presents that whereas the 2nd article filed as
supplement to the treaty of the United States Government and the Choctaw
People there is granted to me, Jamesachikako, the widdow of Pushmataha, late
Chief of the Choctaw Nation, dec'd, and for my children, four quarter
sections of land in trust and my children, to be located under and by the
direction of the President of the United States, and whereas Martha Moore,
Betsy Moore and Haschalahurtibbi, by his guardian, Rene Logan, who are the
only surviving heirs at law of said Pushmataha, did agree with me in the
desire that the said land should be sold and the proceeds thereof appointed
with the purchase of negroes and other property for our joint benefit,
relief and maintenance. Now, know ye that I Imaghoka widdow of the said
Pushmataha, dec'd., for and in consideration of the sum of two thousand
dollars in hand paid by Charles Land, of the State of Mississippi, the
receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, do hereby grant, bargain and sell
unto the said Charles Land and his heirs and assign forever, the four
quarter sections of land so granted as aforesaid and all my right, title,
interest, trustee or otherwise, of, in, and to the said land, privileges
connected as made by the provision of the supplement to said treaty, as
foresaid. To have and to hold the said four quarter sections of land and
privileges to the said Charles Land, for the benefit of said Charles Land
and his heirs against all other person or persons whomsoever, claiming or to
claim, or either of us. I do hereby appoint the said Charles Land my
attorney for me and in my name to act for me and receive from the United
States Government of such office as may be appointed for the purpose, the
quarter section of land so granted, and to all things which it would be
lawful and proper for me to do and for the purpose of obtaining the
possession to said Charles Land. Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and
seal the 3rd day of January one thousand, eight hundred and thirty-four.
Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of the Indulger Pummeyyobaker,
(his mark) who interpreted the same in the Choctaw Language.

We the undersigned Martha Moore and Tom Suzara, the guardian of
Hachalahurtibbi, the only surviving son of the above Jamesachikako, widow of
Pushmataha, dec'd., and the only heir at law of Pushmataha, deceased, do
jointly and severally consent to the foregoing conveyance to Charles Land of
the four quarter sections of land granted to Lunnabaka for her and her
children, for the consideration of two thousand dollars, as aforesaid, etc.,
as above. 13 January, on thousand eight hundred and thirty-four. Wit: Rena
Ingram, Silas D. Fisher, Martha (X) Moore, and Betsie Moore,
Hachalahurtibbi, by Rena Ingram, his guardian.

Town of Midway, Choctaw. Personally appeared before me -named Lunnagaka,
widow of the late Pushmataha, deceased, and Martha Moore and Betsie Moore
and Rena Ingram for Hachakahurtibbi, who severally acknowledged that they
signed, sealed and delivered the foregoing four quarter sections of land,
etc. 13 day of January, 1834. (signed) John F. Vere, Lieut. Co. 3 Inf., Com.
of Post. [The Choctaws seemed to have two names for both Pushmatha and his

It would be of interest to know if the name Jamesachikako is a reference to her father, and it is a bit confusing on why 3 different names (one seems to be misspelled) are listed for Immayahoka. I do not find Immayahoka on the Armstrong Rolls.

Immayahoka and Pushmataha had the following children
xxii. Martha Moore.
xxiii. Betsy Moore.
xxiv. Hachakahurtibbi (Johnson Pushmataha)

With the exception of a testimony in a murder trial for the murder of Littleton Henderson Love by John T. Pitchlynn in 1856, the following in 1855 is all I have found on Johnson Pushmataha in Blue County.
156Johnson Push

6. Hannah and Daniel McCurtain

Daniel McCurtain the husband of Hannah McCurtain was born July 6, 1777  in Mississippi Territory and died February 6, 1842 in Sugarloaf County, IT. He and Hannah married and had 10 known children.

The armstrong roll shows the following household for Daniel McCurtain 11 in household, 4 males over 16, 3 children under 10. No whites listed, which could indicate Daniel’s mother, who is unknown may have also been of Choctaw descent. His son Thomas is listed as a separate household .

The 1831-1833 muster rolls show no McCurtain’s, bur the 1834 census shows the following as heads of household in Arkansas. Thomas, Cornelius, Daniel, Luke, Samuel and Thomas. (This would seem to indicate the 5 males over 16 in 1831.) 

Camper, Kennedy and Samuel McCurtain all attended the Choctaw Academy. 

The children of Daniel and Hannah McCurtain are
xxv. Thomas McCurtain, b. 1801, d. unknown
xxvi. Cornelius McCurtain b. March 5, 1803, d. March 5, 1871 married Mahayia Belvin
xxvii. Luke McCurtain b. about 1812 d. unknown
xxviii. William McCurtain b. about 1814 d. about 1899
xxiv. Samuel McCurtain b. about 1818 d. unknown
xxv. Allen McCurtain b. 1818 d. unknown
xxvi. Camper (Kemper) McCurtain b. about 1820 d. aft 1855
xxvii. Kennedy McCurtain b. about 1820 d. aft 1855
xxviii. Daniel McCurtain, III b. aft 1820 d. unknown
xxix. John McCurtain b. aft 1820, d, unknown

7. Miyahoke and John Belvin

John Belvin was born about 1775 and died unknown in IT. Miyahoke was born about 1782. The following household is found for John Belvin on the Armstrong rolls, 6 in household, one male over 16, and 2 children under 10. No whites listed. A Billy Velvin is also listed and could be related. 

John Belvin is not listed in the 1831-1833 muster rolls but is listed in 1834 as a head of household in Red River. A Billy Belvin in Red River and a Thomas Belvin in Arkansas are also listed.

The following are known children of John and Miyahoke Belvin
xxx. Watson Belvin b. aft 1800 d. unknown
xxxi. Jonas Belvin b. about 1801 d. unknown m. Mary Unknown
xxxii. Mahayia Belvin b. April 30, 1806 d. October 23, 1872 m. Cornelius McCurtain
xxxiii. Lucinda Belvin b. about 1815 d. unknown m. Thompson C. McKinney and Charles Fargo
xxxiv. Celia Belvin b. about 1824 d. April 23, 1867 married Unknown Parnell and Samuel Levi Jacobs
John Belvin apparently died in indian territory before 1855 as he is not found on the census.