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This page was last updated on: October 1, 2013
Choctaw and Cherokee Proud Family Association started in 2002 when I brought together a group of genealogists who had contacted me about members of some of the families on my website. We are an internet based community whose main focus is assisting each other with our genealogy research, and promoting and preserving our families history and culture. We have grown to about 64 members, and our numbers continue to grow slowly. Our members vary from the amatuer genealogist who has just begun their research, to researchers with more than twenty years experience, to published authors on Families and history of Mississippi or the Choctaw. The name Choctaw and Cherokee Proud is actually a misnomer as many of our families also have connections to the Creek and Chickasaw tribes. Our Choctaw membership all  has known documented connections to many of the mixed blood leaders of the tribe, and all have a link to the families listed on my pages. Most of our Cherokee faction has links to families from the areas of Hawkins to Hamilton Counties of Tennessee that migrated to Arkansas. The heritage of these families is largely oral, but many did apply for membership in the Cherokee nation on both the Dawes or the Eastern Cherokee rolls.

Though the myfamily group still exists, we have by the large been participating in the Choctaw and Cherokee proud group on Facebook.

For Rootswebs mail lists, click the links below, and put subscribe as subject with no text or signature in the body of the email.

Choctaw Indian Territory

Choctaw Southeast Mailing list

Page with all the Cherokee mail lists

We also have a group on facebook. If your interested, search facebook for choctaw and cherokee proud.

Jennifer Mieirs, Administrator