Utilizing the Armstrong rolls for genealogy research.

Captain’s were local mingo’s of a principality, and that those listed under him would have been those in the town or village in which he was over. Though not all of the mixed blood families appeared to have followed the traditions, at that time generally the woman owned the property, and when they married, the man moved to where she lived. I asked the Choctaw Nation’s history teacher about that, someone who was the Mingo of say Chunky would still live where his wife was prior to 1830. When looking at the Armstrong rolls, therefore, it is possible, with a few exceptions, to find possible family connections based on the location and village in which we find the individuals.

With that in mind, note the following town/Village and surrounding area in the Mushulatubbee district …{p75-77 AM State papers, Vol 7}

On Suchenatchka Creek
Capt. Jeremiah Folsom
Jubel B. Hancock
James Reynolds {Blacksmith at J. Folsom’s and works the land}
Rigdon Edwards {5 whites}
Eve Pitchlynn {Folsom} {since treaty married Jack Redden {Riddle}}
Mrs. Edmond Folsom {lives with her daughter Mrs. Pitchlynn}
George Folsom
Samuel Bacon
Mark Griffy {one white}
Israel Folsom
Alexander Brashears {son of Samuel Brashears, married to cousin Ann Brashears,  daughter of Zadock}
William H. Buckes {woman, 1 white, 4 blacks} {William H. Buckholtz, the woman is Elizabeth Brashears, daughter of Zadoc}
Stanley H. Johnson, {1 white, 1 slave, married Buckes daughter since treaty, this place he is on belongs to Alexander Vaughn {is this the son of Thomas Vaughn} in Leflore’s line}
Zadock Brashears, Jr. {son of Zadock}
Delilah Brashears {Juzan}, {She has married David Wall {son of Noah Wall and Lucretia Folsom} since Treaty, who is provided for in the Supplement}
Turner Brashears {son of Zadock}

Jeremiah Folsom was the son of Edmond Folsom and Polly, his wife was Mary Nail, daughter of Joel Henry Nail and Molly Welch. Eve Folsom Pitchlynn Riddle was living with her mother in what would have been traditional land placement. Polly {Mrs. Edmond Folsom}, must have been from this place historically. George Folsom, another son of Edmond and Polly, was married to Martona, unknown parentage. Turner Brashears and Zadoc were married to white woman, all the other Brashears and their relatives seems to indicate this land was through Susanna Vaughn, and her mother traditionally. Israel Folsom was married to Louvica Nail, sister of Mary Nail. Israel Folsom was the son of Nathaniel Folsom, and his wife sister to Miko Push Kush. {also of Mushulatubbee district}

Thus aside from the full blood’s we have no idea about, and aside from Delilah Juzan, who shouldn’t be there, we have this village as the traditional home of Molly Welch, Polly Folsom, and Susanna Vaughn.

It is interesting to note Zadoc lives in Nittakechi district.

On Tombigbee
William Hall ***, {wife Susan Riddle} Tombigbee, 7 miles from Demopolis
Jeremiah Gardner ***, {wife Sarah Hall}
Isaac Pinson {one white} wife Betsy Pinson
James Grant {one white}, married Gardner’s daughter since the Treaty
Sampson Moncrief {woman, one white} {woman is Sophia Brashears, daughter of Zadoc} 4 miles from Demopoliss
Joseph Riddle {unmarried}
Tashube lives at Riddle’s
John Walker {white man} {Belongs to Thomas Lewis} {Wife Mary Riddle}
Robert M. Jones {wife Judith Walker}
John Jones, Sr. ## {white, but not annotated as such, wife is Caty {mother of Riddle’s} 5 miles from factory
Samuel Jones, Sr. ## {since died, place occupied by his son who is his heir, white but not annotated as such} 2 miles from factory
Hogan Jones {an orphan boy}
Polutubbee {a wanderer} near the factory
Jacob Daniel {wife half negro/half indian}
Mathew Laborree {lived on military road at time of treaty, has since moved}
Sally Tom {free woman}  2 miles from factory
Jack Tom
Moses Tom
Thomas Ware {one white, has married Sally Tom’s daughter and lives with Sally Tom}
Joshua O’rare {a mulatto, has married Sally Tom’s daughter and lives with Sally Tom}
William Lightfoot {a mulatto, half negro half indian}
Jim Tom {half breed negro with indian wife}
James Blue {a negro had an indian wife, lives below factory}
Nathaniel Folsom {Jr.}, 5 miles above factory
Winney {woman, adjoins above}
John Coleman {one white, Porter Cullison {white} cultivates this place, Coleman has moved since treaty}

***William Hall was a mixed blood of unknown heritage, though the presence of Jeremiah Gardner who we know married a Sarah Hall in 1818 suggests that his mother, a choctaw was from this area, and perhaps related to the other females of the area. His wife Susan Riddle was the daugter of Caty and {John?} William Riddle. After the death of Riddle about 1818, she married John Jones, Sr. brother of Samuel Jones , he was  living at what Gaines called Jones Bluff.  Isaac Pinson was probably a relative somehow of Jeremiah Gardner’s wife, Sarah Hall. The daughter who married James Grant was about 14, no idea of her name.

###John and Samuel  Jones were whites who lived in the nation as early as the mid 1770’s. We know from court records that John Jones lived in what is present day Sumter Co AL. They are supposedly brother’s.

Aside from the Tom’s who were part black, we have the following female lines in this area,
Caty, sister of Mushulatubbee , the mother of the Hall’s, the wife of Samuel Jones, who may have been related to either of the previous two, and Nathaniel Folsom, who’s wife we do not know. Records show he only had one child on emigration, so the household may include relatives of his wife. John Coleman again may be related to one of the other females lines seen here.In Theory, this is the village where Mushulatubbee was born.

On Oxnoxeby
Watt Folsom, his wife was Elizabeth Starnes {? a white woman}, if so his living here could be related to his mother as seen above, he is the son of Edmond Folsom and Polly

On Ashuckna

On Military Road
Nancy Gillet {Big Nancy}

On Petikfa

James Loving {White} 3/12 miles from agency

The other Gardner’s are found in the Nittakechi district.
Am State Papers, Vol 7, p 39-40 shows the following principality {this one has multiple creek’s listed as location, see vol. for details}

Capt. James Gardner
John Gardner
Stinoah {widow}
Lewis Bryan {one white}
Isaac Gardner
Daniel Boone {one white}
William Gardner
Tapanaphoma {similar person found living nearby Charles Juzan, this is NOT the Tappenhoma who was provided for in supplement}
John {did not see this family, given by captain}
Akocharntubbee {family out hunting given by captain}
Wakaiahoyo {widow of Red Cedar}
Henry Garvin {one white}
George Murphy {one white}
George Johnston {one white}
John Anderson {lives with father in law George Johnston, white] ***
William Langphlier {one white}
William Christy
John and James {two blind men who live with Christy}
Carthalean {woman}
William Utridge
Two old women {refused to give their names}
John Garland {provided for in treaty}
M. Christy
James Garland
S. Garland
Samuel Anderson

*** according to some researcher’s a Jack Anderson, was grandson of Pushmataha, could this family be somehow related?

We do not know the parents of the Gardner’s. James Gardner’s wife was named Margaret, of unknown parentage, his son John Gardner was married to Alotima. Isaac Gardner’s wife was Rebecca Johnson ? is she related to George Johnston of this village. William Gardner wife was Elizabeth of unknown parentage. 
I don’t have much on the Garland’s, but I do have a James Garland married to Edmond Folsom’s daughter Peggy. Why she isn’t living in the area of her mother I do not know. I know a John Garland came to the area prior to 1800, if he is the father of these Garland’s I do not know. Nor do I know his family. S. Garland may be Samuel, married to Mary Pitchlynn. Again this is not where I would expect her to live. I do not have any information on the Garvin or Christy families.

P. 57 is Capt Pashhomma

P. 57-58 Tombigbee and creeks running off it, Panta, Last Horse {also Nitakechi district}
Capt. Pierre Juzan {not shown married} provided for in supplement
Ahniyo {woman}
Ishtonabe {woman} woman is deaf and dumb
Tuppanahomma {provided for in treaty}
Charles Juzan {provided for in treaty} {Wives Phoebe, daughter{or sister} of Oklahoma, Peggy, sister of Oklahoma}
Shanke (woman) {NOTE on another page her name is CHAM KAY}
Natona {woman}***
Oklahomma provided for in supplement
Pachak or Pahacho
Rebecca Bond{widow of James Bond} {Juzan} provided for in supplement
Westly Train {Trahern, husband of Lucy Juzan}, provided for in supplement.

***this is the name given to be the mother of Oklahoma and Peggy, and is also similar to the name of her daughter, mother of Jack Amos. Both Shanke and Natona live alone.

It would seem that Tuppanahomma{ the former district chief}  and Oklahomma, thought to be brother’s, would be married to women of this area, Pierre Juzan {along with his sister’s} is their nephew through Charles Juzan’s first wife, Peggy, so they were also of this area. The names Shanke and Natona have been given by descendants of Eliza Ann Juzan Flack as relatives. This is likely near the village of Chunkee or Coosa, as we know that is where Juzan and Oklahoma were from. Oklahoma’s second wife we know is Anontooma. Two of Juzan’s daughter’s went to live with their husbands, Mary Juzan who married Benjamin Leflore, and Delilah Juzan who married Jesse Brashears. In theory this is where both Pushmataha and Nittakechi were born. Tuppanahomma could be the son in law of Nittakechi, he emigrated.

Page 89-90
Leflore District {note, not all whites differentiated in his district}
Big Sand Prairie, Yazoo Valley
Chief Greenwood Leflore {recognized by US Government, not the tribe by 1831}, wife Cherokee
Black Creek
Capt. Kullishubbee
Yazoo Valley
Joseph Nelson
Catherine McKinney
Rubin Harris {no enumeration, listed twice, wife Sylvia Leflore, not listed as white}
Freeman Smith
James Stanly
Thomas Errage {Everidge, wife Eve Brashears, daughter of R.Turner Brashears, not listed as white}
Hyram Vincent
William Ott
Benjamin Brashears {son of Turner Brashears}
Maj. Lewis Leflore {father of Greenwood, and other’s, not listed as white}
Edmond McKinney
Lewis Brashears {son of Turner}
Turner Brashears {white, not listed as one, household 5, only one over 16, probably had children , not in file}
Richard Holderfield
Honey Island
Vaughn Brashears {son of Zadoc, married to Isabella Leflore}
Ezekiel Roebuck { wife Elsie Beams}
Gideon Beams
Widow Beams (Istanche or Betsy)
Gilbert B. Collins
Henry Tibbee
John R. Countee
Ephraim Loyd
Moses Foster
Near Rankin MS
Susan Graham {daughter of Zadoc}
Near mouth of Black Creek
Ann V L L McEllyn {Susan’s daughter, granddaughter of Zadoc}
Near Rankin, MS
Alex McGahey {wife Winna Leflore, not listed as white}
Funnagusha Creek near Rankin, MS
Loshoma {widow}
Hannah {widow}
Near Rankin, MS
Hancha {widow}
Funnagusha Village
Black Creek
William Simmons
Funnagusha Creek
John Frazier
Alex Frazier
Yazoo Valley
David Cocnours {minor}
Funnagusha Creek
Benoni Taylor {White}
Isaac Impson {White}
Black Creek
Samuel Long {white not listed as one, wife Felicity Leflore}
Lewis Ward
Jacob {widow, Choctaw}
James Foster
Foster {widow}
Thomas Martin
West side Little Black Creek
Michael Leflore {brother of Louis?}

Many of the people of this village are connected to the family of Lewis Leflore, in addition we have the family of Turner Brashears, whose wife {or wives}, were either relatives of Apuckshunnubbee, Peyahuma, Taboca, or Franchimastubbee. The presence of Turner Brashears would seem to indicate this was the family home of his wife. The Leflore’s presence is more than likely related to where Louis Leflore settled, not to his wive’s heriditary home, as the remaining family is not enumerated here. Michael Leflore could be the brother or nephew of Lewis Leflore. Michael Leflore Sr.’s wife was Achuka, his son was married later to a Mahaley Pickens. I don’t understand the presence of the Zadoc Brashear’s daughter and granddaughter here, this is not where the family lived. Her husband was white. Joseph Nelson may or may not be connected to Shumaka/Shomaka, as are the Fraziers.
There were two Betsy Beams at the same time in two different locations.
One full blood on or near Honey Island in LeFlore district. Her Choctaw name was Istanche, she had a daughter Anna.  She had son in laws, Roebuck, Sims and Cochnour.
In an 1836 (maybe 1856) letter from Jackson MS.  William Walker and Alsy (Elsie) Walker state they being the heirs of Anna who was a daughter of Istanche or Betsy Beams........
This Betsy d. in the later part of 1836

P. 95 {whole town on 94-95}
Hardy Perry, located on the Batup in Bogue, east side {wife is Sophia McCurtain, granddaughter of Shomaka}

P. 95-99
Wolf Creek
Capt. {Jim} Fletcher
Yellow Busha
Garrett E. Nelson {White, not listed as one, Wife is a sister of Robert Cole, daughter of Shumaka}
George Nelson
Isaac Nelson {east}
Eden Nelson  {west}
Blount Nelson
Solomon Nelson {east}
Yellow Busha near old Nelson’s place
Robert Cole {son of Shumaka and James Cole}
Coleman Cole {son of Robert Cole}
Baytuppena Bogue
Not stated
Charles Crevatt {son of Jean Cravatt and Chickasaw?, wife choctaw?}
Sokalahatchee east side
Muscogamastubbee {**brother in law to Robert Cole, literally Creek Killer)
Yellow Busha, East side
William Frazier {**cousin to Robert Cole, son of Shumaka’s sister}
Wolf Creek West side, Big Black
Simon Frazier
Big Black, East side
Opaihomah {**generally this is a title, Opai homma, supposedly brother to Nitakechi}
Horn Creek
Old Natchez Train
Daniel McCurtain {wife is Hannah, daughter of Shumaka}
Lewis Perry {household not enumerated, is this a son in law of Daniel McCurtain?}
Northside of Byawayah, northside of Natchez Train
Thomas McCurtain {son of Daniel, household not enumerated}
Natchez Train
Poor Davey
Yocknockena Creek
p. 98 skipping native names from here on out
Big Black
Placid Crapes {Krebs, nephew of Louis Leflore, wife is Rebecca Folsom}
Stephen Crapes [Krebs, nephew of Louis Leflore, wife is Margaret Fillecuthy {?polly}}
Big Black West Side
John Bolvin {John Belvin, wife is Amy, Miyahoke, daughter of Shumaka}

This town is the home of Shumaka of Chakichiuhumma descent, for the males who are married to remain, they must have also married women of this large village. In theory, if Shumaka was sister to Apuckshunnubbee, this is where he was born, or lived, after his parents joined the choctaw. Shumaka was living in the household of someone at this time. Additionally, her daughter, Immayhoka, widow of Pushmataha should also be living with someone, possibly Robert Cole? The relatives of Robert Cole come from his testimony in 1838.

p. 99 -100 Skipping native names
Big Black Westside
Capt. Leflore {doesn’t specify which, is this Michael? Household is 12,3,5}
Isaac Leflore {son of Michael Leflore, wife is Patsey}
Mary Smallwood {daughter of Michael Leflore}
Joel Leflore { at his father’s, 12?? What does that mean?, son of Michael Leflore, wife is unknown}
Jefferson Sixton
Billy Fry
Siltpath Creek, Big Black South
Davy Sixton

P.101-103 {skipped native names
Shauntokhala Village
Capt. Wakshashamastubbee
Massa McKinney {widow}
Robert Mckinney
Silas McKinney
Susan Carns
Big Black
Joseph Pickens
Gibsen Gowen {Goings}
William Taylor
West Big Black
James Choat
Billy Duill
Bullockchasha Creek, East Side Big Black
Charles Durant
Eli W. Crowden {Crowder}
Juck Crowden
Amos Wilson
Bullockchasha Creek
Tumer Word
Mrs. Ward
Elizabeth Wilch
James Cobb
Long Creek, east side Big Black
Eden Ward
Opooktah Creek
Pier Durant
Leroy Griggs {one white}

P 103
Oopoktah Creek
Capt. Durant
Lua Durant Long Creek
Capt. Bob

P. 105
Robinson’s Road

Rubin Harris {enumeration of household, husband Sylvia Leflore, not stated he’s white}
Jerry Nearney

P. 107 -108{native names skipped}
Not specified
Capt. Pickens
Mrs. Harkins {Louisa Leflore, daughter of Louis leflore}
Capt. Cobb
Yellow Bushtha {busha}
Capt. Uttoka or Toka
Not Specified
Capt. Penasahtubbee
Robinson road or near Robinson Road
Benj. Frazier
Masse Frazier
Louis Frazier
Mrs. Wilson {Clarissa Leflore, daughter of Louis Leflore}
George Harkins {son of Louisa and John Harkins, his wife is Lily Folsom, daughter of David Folsom and Rhoda Nail}
Robinson Bridge
George Turnbull
Robinson Road
Capt. Thos. Hays
Pearl River
Moses Perry {white, not the Moses Perry son of  James Perry}
Not specified
John Cafrey
Mary Harrison
Isaac Bliss
Levy McOffee
Betsy Hayes
Martha Milton

Capt. Pinsatubbee
Edward Gurter
Levi Jones

p. 110
Capt Atoka {nephew of Robert Cole}

P. 111
Robinson Road
Capt. Thomas Leflore {son of Michael Leflore, wife Sooky}
James Bell
Levi Bell {half breed}
Standing Pine Creek
Capt Jack Hays
John Redbird
Leaf River
Capt S.D. Fisher {son of Elizabeth and Joseph Fisher}
Joseph Fisher {white, wife is Elizabeth, daughter of Turner Brashears}
John Scott {white}
Calvin Campbell
David Mackey {halfbreed}

P 115
Pearl River
Capt. William Hays
Benjamin Leflore {son of Louis Leflore, wife is Mary Juzan}
James McAffee
James McAffee Jr.
John Ellis
Cornelius Kearney {halfbreed}
Widow Burris
Willis Stull

P 118
Pearl River
Swaney Frazier

Capt. Nat Jones {halfbreed, wife Jane}
Solomon Jones {do}
James Jones
William Jones
Robert Bell

P 122
Big Black, East Side
Capt. Minta
William Cravatt {son of Jean Cravatt and Chickasaw}
John Jones
Not specified
William Leflore {son of Louis Leflore}
James L. McDonnel {McDonald}
Robert Jones {possibly at academy}
William Train {Trahern, at Choctaw Academy}
Alexander Mckey { age 11 in 1838 at Choctaw Academy}
Tobias Leflore {son of Louis Leflore}
Willis Harkins {son of Louisa Leflore and John Harkins}
Delilah and her five children {Children are Joseph, Charity, Betsy, Susan and Sarah}
Peggy Train {Trahern} and her two children {James and Jerry, most likely in Hinds co. MS}
Sethpath Creek northside 12 miles west of Natchez trace
Polly Filley Cuthy
Not Specified
James D. Hamilton
J. Doak
Phillip Hays

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